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Hot Dog Hill Sanctuary

Hotdoghill Sanctuary - an animal shelter for special needs dogs

Hotdoghill Sanctuary - an animal shelter for special needs dogs

Hotdoghill Sanctuary - an animal shelter for special needs dogsHotdoghill Sanctuary - an animal shelter for special needs dogs
Hotdoghill Sanctuary

We are a 501c3 non profit sanctuary for specially abled dachshunds and a few others that made their way to us  

About Us

Founded in 2005, Hotdoghill Sanctuary is a forever home for senior dogs, special needs dogs and hospice dogs located in Virginia. 

Sanctuary residents are rescue dogs who have lost their families and homes through no fault of their own. Due to their advanced age and various medical conditions we make sure they are given a loving and nurturing home. We try to provide the best last chapter for these dogs so that when it is time to go to the bridge they have known love, they have been owned, they had a name, they have known the feel of a warm bed. Each of our departed dogs were held in our arms as they passed and each one broke our hearts but we saw them through all the way to the end. This is the hardest part of rescue or any pet ownership and we are proud of all of our work.

The dogs that we bring into our program are those who are nearly un-adoptable due to disability and/or age but who are still able to enjoy the remainder of their years with a good quality of life. This amount of time may range from weeks to months to years, and we aim to provide the best quality of life possible for the dogs in our care during that time through a loving home, high quality vetting and medication and good food. 

Our place is not a 'dog shelter' where animals are caged/penned. Our dog sanctuary is our home and the dogs live together in a large group. We have a very strict routine and the dogs thrive with it and are happy. All of our dogs are special to us, they needed a place to commit to their care for the rest of their lives. They matter to us and they matter to those that support us in our cause. 

Please help Hotdoghill Sanctuary


We are a small rescue animal shelter that take in mainly dachshunds deemed unadoptable due to medical problems and old age. Our goal is to provide a safe animal rescue home, love and good care for dogs to enjoy the rest of the time they have left.  We are blessed to help each dog.  

Overview of Hotdoghill Sanctuary


We are not a rescue that has a lot of turnover in dogs through adoption. We are a sanctuary, that typically means a dog has to pass before we have an open space for a new dog. Blessed be the person who takes in and loves an old dog.... For their time with us is more important then our time with them!

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”   ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh 

We are a 501(c)(3) Rescue. We depend on donations to to help us care for these special dogs. We always have a vet bill or need medications. 

How you can help Hotdoghill Sanctuary

How to Help

Please consider donating monthly. No amount is too small. We appreciate it and this makes a huge difference to us- THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE TRUE HERO of RESCUE and making it work.


We need more monthly donors- or you can make a one time donation- both make a difference. Monthly costs average about $1500.00 mostly in routine vet care and meds for the  dogs in our care. (routine care for the dogs in our care- yearly exams, blood work, medication, medication blood checks, heartworm prevention medication and many dentals.) We thank those of you who have reached out to help us with this commitment- because of you we succeed. We appreciate any consideration. If not us please consider making a donation to your favorite rescue- it is significant. 

General Donation Information

General donation information for Hotdoghill Sanctuary

Donate from our Amazon page

Our wishlist is updated at all times. We are a 501(3)(c) charity. Our wishlist is always up to date with items we need and use for the dogs in our care. Items posted are what we are in need of. Thank you for any consideration.  

Donate by PayPal

Please consider donating 5 or 10 dollars a month, We appreciate it and this makes a huge difference to us- THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE TRUE HERO of RESCUE and making it work.  

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Use i.give for most internet shopping 

Other Ways You Can Help

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Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network

Amazon Smile

Donate to Hotdoghill Sanctuary through Amazon Smile

Use amazon smile and .5 percent of all purchases come to us  

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Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network

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Bark Box and Hotdoghill Sanctuary

A monthly box of dog goodies. 

Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network

Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network

Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network

Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network

For every new customer purchase through this site, Chewy will donate $20 to Hot Dog Hill Sanctuary.

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Kroger Groceries

Chewy Rescue and Shelter Network

Kroger - Hot Dog Hill Sanctuary

If you shop at Kroger we get a donation if you link your rewards card to us.
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Thanks from Hotdoghill Sanctuary

When we rescue or take in a dog we make a commitment to that dog no matter what  

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